Over the last decade we´ve seen a fast development of technologies and digital communications worldwide. This development enabled digital economy to become more important and an active part of people, companies and organisations everyday activities, creating new professions, new jobs, and enabling doing business from and to all places around the world.

However, this fast pace of high technological development created the perfect environment for criminal groups to take advantage of the same characteristics that enabled the creation of the digital economy. By creating and spreading new variants of malware every day, companies and organisations more than ever face cyber threats that put at risk its people and assets.

Existing technologies are not effective at detecting the unknown, and could take days, weeks, or even months to create signatures, letting companies and organisations exposed to malware and its malicious actions. Observed consistent malware communications sometimes leads to information leaks, which in turn result in big losses and severely damages brand reputation.

Globinnova is an european security company with headquarters in Portugal specialised in cyber intelligence. Our team develops Big Data Security products and technologies, combining threat intelligence feeds with advanced and actionable dashboards, capable of detecting external security events in real time relevant to large companies and organisations worldwide.

We work with Security Operation Centers (SOCs), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), and large organisations both public and private.


Threat Intelligence Consulting

Our team has deep knowledge in threat intelligence feeds, and be your preferred partner in building the right Threat Intelligence Program.

Big Data Security

Our Big Data Security Platform gathers millions of security events per day and provides advanced and actionable dashboards regarding external security events, from malware detection to ip reputation changes, information leaks, among others.

Cyber Intelligence Development

We understand different organisations have different needs. Globinnova development team deeply understands cyber security and can build customised dashboards according to your requirements.


Globinnova co-founders have deep experience in cyber security, with past experience in large companies and security startups.


  • Avenida Dr. Ribeiro de Magalhães, Edifício Quinta do Ribeiro, Cave, 4610-108 Felgueiras, Portugal | R&D Office
  • UPTEC - Edifício Central, Rua Alfredo Allen 455/461, 4200-135 Porto, Portugal | Sales Office